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28 February 1979
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i am an essentric fountain of psycho-babble.. I am a single, lesbian, mother of two.. I am a sophomore in college and am climbing the GPA ladder at 3.77 now. I have been hoping to go to Rice and major in psychology.. I am involved in school activities through Phi Theta Kappa. I write poetry, not because i love to but because i have to, just like breathing air. It is something that comes and then demands its release. I am excited to be alive. I wish for world peace and eternal life, though I realize this will never happen.. We must all find out own peace and eternal life is irrelavent.. I love information.. I study many things on my own time such as: different religions, sciences, art, and music.. I sometimes wish i could have lived in another time.. i am a dreamer and a go getter.. haha.. i am constantly contradicting myself so, i have to constantly reassess to check for errors.. I probably sound like a weirdo at this point.. but i don't mind, thats a natural built-in mechanism that weeds out those who wouldn't understand anyway.. i am open-minded.. though i have my preferences.. i don't judge or hate you.. so, i don't understand why you would me.. thats enough for now, i suppose..